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1.1    All matters will be handled by our Mr Stephen Chung who is the Principal of this firm and the Head of our Immigration Department.  He was admitted as a solicitor in 1982 and has gained invaluable experience in different aspects in this field over the past 41 years in practice. Please see our web page for “Solicitors” for more information about him.

1.2    For personal reasons, he now accepts instructions only for the following types of applications and only on the following charging basis. Please first read our web page for “About Us” for Important Announcements.

1.3     Your instructions must be accepted by us on before 01.03.2024 and which must be given in person since we do not accept instructions by video call, telephone or message.  

1.4    Please note that Value Added Tax (“VAT”)* is chargeable in addition to our legal fees and other expenses which is currently fixed at 20%.  

1.5    Mr Stephen Chung’s currently hourly charge is £278 + VAT £55.60 = £333.60** (per Court’s guideline effective from 01.01.2024 for Grade A National 1 solicitors).  


2.1    Please note that (1) the client must be an adult, (2) the Application is for an extension only, not settlement, and (3) the client must be in the UK and is available for meetings at our office since we must meet him/her face to face to ascertain his/her identity.


3.1    The precise works and stages involved in such applications vary from case to case.  However, they are generally like this for a straight-forward application:-

-     Taking your instructions, ascertaining your immigration background and eligibility for the application under the Immigration Rules, taking a detailed statement from you, advising you of your suitability but subject to the ultimate discretionary decision-making power of Home Office.

-      Considering and assessing your supporting evidence and obtaining more to fortify your chance of success, considering the relevant Immigration Rules and case laws and the likely objections and problems.

-      Interviewing your spouse or partner and other relevant persons and taking statements from them and collating all available supporting evidence (at least 6 hours spent up to this stage).

-      Obtaining (if necessary) an independent accommodation report to prove that your spouse or partner can provide you with adequate living accommodation without public funds assistance.

-      Collating, considering and scanning all the available supporting evidence to be ready for uploading to Home Office (a very time consuming process).

-      Preparing the Application and submitting it online with all the supporting evidence (at least a further 5 hours spent up to this stage).

-      Arranging for you to give biometrics and present the originals of your supporting evidence for inspection by Home Office.

-      Dealing with all incidental correspondence and works leading to the grant (or refusal) of the Application, checking and advising you on (if granted) the conditions attached, (if refused) the reasons of refusal and your grounds of appeal and (if available) your next steps (at least

a further 4 hours spent, altogether 15 hours so far).


4.1     We cannot guarantee how long Home Office will take to process your application.  Each Home Office visa application has its own processing time which varies from 8 to 12 weeks.   The time it takes to reach a decision also varies from 6 to 12 months after processing.  Please note that they are all subject to Home Office delays.  For more information, please refer to Visa processing times: applications inside the UK.  

4.2     Depending on your application, you may be able to apply for a Faster Decision which can take from 5 – 30 working days but for extra application fees.  For more information, please refer to Get a faster decision on your visa or settlement application.

4.3     As there could be unforeseen circumstances or complications, such as non-disclosure of  material facts by you, it may take longer and involve more costs and it may even invalidate  your application.

4.4     Please note that the anticipated number of hours and fees are estimates only.  All  applications are likely to vary and we can only give you a more accurate estimate once we  have all the required information about your specific case.


-      No home visit, out of office meetings or interviews unless agreed by us and for extra legal fees charging on time-spent basis at the said hourly rate of our Mr Stephen Chung**.

-      Attendance of any interview by Home Office of you and/or your spouse or partner.

-      Amendment of the Application or supporting documents for any reason (unless caused by our fault or default).

-      Appeal or fresh application following refusal or your withdrawal of Application.

-      Any home visit for checking whether there is sufficient living accommodation for you at your spouse or partner’s home.

-      Obtaining of any independent expert report to support your case, e.g. medical report..

-      Other works not agreed to be done in writing by us.


6.1    We do not offer any fixed price service and/or any “No success no pay” service.  We charge for all work done, whether completion takes place or not.  The initial legal fee quoted above covers up to 15 hours work which should be sufficient for a normal application. If it requires more time caused by unexpected complications, such as non-disclosure of material facts by you, we may increase our charges to be agreed with you first before undertaking any further work by either a fixed sum or on our Mr Stephen Chung’s hourly rate** (see below).

6.2    All sums quoted are (1) provisional only and are subject to all necessary changes from time to time with prior notice given whenever possible, and (2) subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business as published in our website.

6.3    We cannot guarantee success, any particular outcome and/or conclusion of any work within a specified time scale since there are so many factors which are outside our control.  However, we always strive to meet the reasonable expectations of our clients.

6.4    We do not offer any “No success no pay” service and we charge for all works done, regardless of outcome.  In exceptionally successful cases, we are entitled to charge a top-up fee of up to 20% plus VAT of our original legal fees but we shall agree it with you in advance.

6.5    We reserve our rights in exceptional circumstances or when you act in breach of our Terms and Conditions of  Business to decline instructions or cease acting without accepting any responsibility, even if you have paid our legal charges and/or expenses in part or in full.  We shall then reassess our charges and expenses incurred and seek payment of any shortfall from you or refund any credit balance to you. 

6.6    There are cases where we wish to charge only on time-spent basis.  If so, it will be based on the said hourly rate of our Mr Stephen Chung or £278 + VAT £55.60 =  £333.60 per hour**.  If so, we shall divide it into 10 units and charge accordingly but subject to a minimum sum of £1,000 + VAT £200 = £1,200.00.


7.1    In some circumstances, we may increase our legal fees to account for additional time, work or skill required to comply with your instructions or the requirements of Home Office, if you still wish to continue with the Application.  Examples include but are not limited to:-

-     Where there is a strict or short deadline for your application;

-     Where there are insufficient supporting documents;

-     Where the immigration background of you and/or your spouse or partner is very complex, e.g. previous or subsisting breaches of Immigration Rules;

-     Where your application should better be submitted under a different route;

-     Where Home Office require further evidence such as relationship, marriage and financial;

-     Where your spouse or partner withdraws his/her sponsorship to your Application;  

-     Where unexpected objections or complications arise; or

-     Where further representations and/or evidence is required to salvage your Application.

7.2    The exact addition will depend on the individual circumstances and the complexity of the matter.  You must provide further details to enable us to evaluate the situation again.  If we are prepared to undertake any further work for you, we shall give you an estimate of our extra costs and expenses.  If agreed, we can proceed again otherwise you must seek alternative assistance to conclude or otherwise dispose of the Application for you.

7.3    The above application normally takes at least 6 months from inception of instructions to issue of decision by Home Office and for us at least 15 hours’ work during this period.  It we have to spend more time, we may charge additional legal fees on time-spent basis at the above hourly rate.  However, we shall first agree the amount with you before undertaking any further work.


7.4     All quoted charges and expenses are estimates given on the assumptions that the intended transaction is straightforward without any undue complication or delay, that it is a standard case with no unforeseen complications, that the applicant meets the requirements of the Home Office and the information and documents provided are accurate and genuine.

7.5     All our works and charges are governed by and subject to our Terms and Conditions of  Business as published in our website.

8.     DISBURSEMENTS (fees payable to third parties)

8.1    Disbursements are expenses related to your matter which are payable to third parties, such as application fees.  You must pay them in  addition to our legal fees.  We normally handle the payment on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

8.2    We shall give you an accurate figure for each item when you wish to proceed with us since they are subject to changes by the charging  authorities or suppliers.

8.3      The typical disbursements involved in this type of application are (current rate):-

For a more accurate estimate of the IHS payable, please visit their Calculator.

For full details about IHS and their costs, please visit their website –


9.1     They are our overheads and where applicable are also payable by you as additional legal fees:

-     Office Administration Charges: £20 + VAT £4 = £24.

-     Bank Transfer fee: £30 + VAT £6 = £36 per transfer.

-     Postages/telephone/fax/photocopying/stationery charges: £25 + VAT £5 = £30.

-     Travelling/Mileage Expenses: £0.95 + VAT £0.19 = £1.14 per mile.

-     Bank’s cash handling fees: £0.80 per £100 (if you paid in cash by prior arrangement with us).

-     Post Office/DHL - Delivery to collection point charges: £10 + VAT £2 = £12 per return trip.

-     Colour photocopying charges: £0.50 + VAT £0.10 = £0.60 per A4 size page.

-     Identity and address checks: From £30 + VAT £6 = £36 per person.







Application for extension of leave to remain in the UK with his/her spouse or partner under a Family Visa without any dependant


(Basis of charging -
up to 15 hours of work)






Initial Consultation (face-to-face meeting only, not telephone or video call), to be deducted from the above legal fees if you wish to apply through us on terms acceptable to us)

£278 for up to one hour only**

(Basis of charging -
Mr Stephen Chung’s hourly charge**)












Application fee for Family Visa – Extension of leave to remain for an adult (made Inside UK). For more information, please refer to Home Office website -







Immigration Health Surcharge (“IHS”) per adult per year (variable depending on the nature of your application).







Independent Report for your living accommodation.







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