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Explanatory Notes:

1.       This Information is valid as at 6th December 2018.  It is for general reference only and we reserve our right to make changes unless we fix or agree our charges with you in writing. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requires all solicitors to publish this information for some specific, but not all, services they offer.  Not all solicitors charge the same or provide the same level of services. Costs should not therefore be your only consideration when choosing solicitors but also their professional status and expertise.

2.        As a smaller firm, you will have the benefit of your case being dealt with and supervised by fully qualified and experienced solicitors only. We first established in 1985 and we earn our existence by high standard work and not low pricing.

3.       You will pay “Legal Costs” or profit costs for all our services, regardless of the outcome of the transaction, and the amounts quoted here are our estimated charges.

4.       You may have to pay “Disbursements”, which are actual expenses for the transaction concerned, such as search fees, court fees, administration fees, management company fees, bank charges, registration fees, Land Transaction Tax or Stamp Duty, landlord’s solicitors’ fees, bank transfer fees, bank charges, Land Registry fees, Home Office application fees, inspection fees, plan drawing fees, surveyor’s fees, architect’s fees, accountant’s fees, insurance policy premiums, etc.

5.       You may also have to pay “General Expenses”, which are deemed and not actual expenses being charged by way of additional profit costs, such as Postages, Telephone, Fax, Photocopying and Stationery charges (minimum £20 per matter), Office Administration Charge (£15 per matter), Travelling expenses (for mileage charge, it is @ £0.80 per mile) and our own Bank transfer fees (£30 per transfer).

6.       You may also have to pay “AML Costs” by way of additional profit costs.  Under the current “Anti-Money Laundering” (AML) legislations, all solicitors have to check the source of funds of their clients when payment is required, such as purchase price.  We have to be reasonably satisfied that your funds are legitimate or else we cannot use them.  AML checks are always very time-consuming, particularly for overseas funds.  We also have to check the identity and address of each of the fund payers.  All information supplied or obtained is open for inspection by all relevant government agencies and SRA and they may keep copies. Our AML Costs start from £150 per transaction.

7.        All amounts mentioned here are exclusive of VAT.  The prevailing rate set by the Government is 20% and is variable.  VAT is an additional payment to the Government and is payable in most cases, except by overseas clients but only if the transaction does not involve any property in the UK.

8.        All published charges are estimates only on the assumption that the intended transaction is straightforward without any undue complication or delay.  If not, you may have to pay more and we shall endeavour to agree with you in advance the extras before carrying out any further work.

9.       We cannot guarantee success, any particular outcome and/or conclusion of any work within any time scale, since there are so many factors outside our control.  However, we always strive to improve our standard to meet the expectations of our clients.

10.     We reserve our rights to decline instructions even if you are willing to accept our estimates, in full or in part, and without having to give any reason. All communications regarding our charges must be in writing by either letter or email only.

11.     There are cases where we can charge only on hourly rate basis.  We have two fully qualified solicitors of the Senior Court of England & Wales who are partners and their key details are:-

-  Year of Admission  – 1983

-  Languages spoken – English and Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese)

-  Main law interests -  Conveyancing (Commercial & Residential), Landlord & Tenant, Immigration & Nationality, Company & Commerce, Will & Probate, Divorce, Magistrates Court & Tribunal work,  Licensing Applications, Town & Country Planning, Legalisation and Chinese Translation and Affairs.

-  Hourly rate - £250.00, divided into 10 units, minimum charge 1 unit.

-  Year of Admission  – 2011

-  Languages spoken – English and Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese - Basic)

-  Main law interests -  Conveyancing (Commercial & Residential), Landlord & Tenant, Immigration & Nationality, Company & Commerce, Will & Probate, Divorce, Magistrates Court & Tribunal work,  Licensing Applications, Town & Country Planning and Legalisation.

-  Hourly rate - £200.00, divided into 10 units, minimum charge 1 unit.


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